Infographic Submission

Infographic Submission

So you have an Awesome infographic (or even a really good infographic that isn’t quite Awesome) but now what do you do? How do you get the most of this infographic?

You need to get it front of people and you also would like to get links back to your site.

That’s where our Awesome submission service comes it.

We take your infographic, write a catchy title and description, pick some relevant tags and upload manually to over 100 of the top infographic submission sites.

But we don’t stop there, no no no.

We then upload your infographic to over 50 image submission sites.

That means that once our submission service is complete (within 3 days), you will have over 150 separate sites displaying your infographic.

This not only works a great way to get links back to your site but also as a great way to get your infographic in front of those you don’t immediately have access to (like your followers and blog readers). Who knows, if the right person sees your infographic and shares it it could go viral.

Increased Traffic

Those that see your infographic may not only see it but also visit your website to find out more.

Brand Awareness

Any extra eye you get looking at your infographic could turn into a share, with that share turning into another and so on.

SEO Benefits

You will be getting authority links back to your site from over 150 different domains. This is likely to improve your visibility in the Search Engines.

How does it work?

1. You provide us with your infographic, your website and basic information.

2. We then begin to manually submit your infographic to over 100 infographic directories and over 50 image sites. We do this manually to ensure all our submissions meet the correct criteria, as many directories manually approve submissions.

3. We will send you a detailed report showing exactly where we posted your infographic and it’s approval status. We will follow this report up with an update approval status after two weeks as approval can take time.

Get your infographic distributed to 150+ sites